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About Us

Fluvial Advisory is a Singapore-based consultancy firm that specializes in market entry and expansion across Southeast Asia. We provide functional solutions ranging from corporate affairs to communications and finance. Each of this function is led by an industry practitioner.

Our approach towards realizing your business success in Southeast Asia is to three-pronged. First, local insight. Through our personal networks, we are able to connect with key local information nodes to provide you with actionable insights and valuable partnerships. 

Second, tailored solutions. Each of our business engagement’s strategy is unique. We seek to understand your vision as a business leader and your business goals before we delve into the various challenges. We strive to craft a customized passage that is both efficient and sustainable. 

Third, comprehensive support. We pride ourselves in taking on no more than five projects at any given time. This ensures that we are readily available and committed to giving you our best during our engagement. From inception to implementation, you can be assured that our unwavering support will always be there to ensure a successful business outcome.

We welcome you to Southeast Asia, one of the world’s fastest growing region. The region is home to the third-largest labour force in the world,  one of the most youthful population and a growing hub of consumer demand. We dare you to dream big and realise your ambitions in a world of boundless possibilities with Fluvial as your guide. 

Welcome to Fluvial.

Our Services:

Corporate Affairs

  • Business Licensing and Registration
  • Recruitment of Board Members and Directors
  • Corporate Risk Assessment


  • Government Relations and Public Affairs
  • Investor Relations
  • Marketing and Events

Corporate Finance

  • Accounting and Audit
  • Fundraising
  • Financial Year Reporting
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