Fluvial Advisory


We are an employee-owned consultancy that prides ourselves in being personally invested in your success. Today’s business landscape is increasingly fragile in the face of a multipolar world order. Owners, leaders, and managers alike, need to be sensitive in their communications as they engage the multiple stakeholders the business impacts.

Government Relations and Public Affairs

With personal relations with government officials across Southeast Asia, our team offers not only direct access but also the acumen and industry knowledge required to empower you in building trust and credibility with political office holders and other key constituents.

Investor Relations

Clients benefit from our expertise and experience in designing and delivering a multi-stakeholder communications engagement across various programmes. These include, financial results and announcements, fund raising, major reputation crises, corporate transformations and restructurings, leadership transitions and shareholder activism.

Specifically, we advise financial and capital markets participants on their communications and reputation management, with a focus on alternative asset managers – private equity, venture capital, hedge funds – traditional asset managers, pension funds, and blockchain and cryptocurrency organizations.

We are extremely disciplined in who we work with. We will only work on situations which fit our values and where we have the specific expertise to execute at the highest level.

Marketing and Events

We aren’t afraid to get in the trenches with you. Going beyond the strategic planning and tactical moves, we have experience in planning and executing various marketing and events initiatives. These range from highly tailored closed-door hosting to large-scale conferences in various countries in Southeast Asia. Through our network across the various industries, we are able to bring thought-leaders, disruptors, strategists and policy-makers to your event according to your desired outcomes. Our events agitate conversations – and most importantly, deliver results.

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